Must-have gadgets for a professional taxi driver

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One thing is certain. Cars have revolutionized human life for good. For so many people, driving a car is a thing they do for a living.

In this way, they ensure a dignified life for themselves and their family. Nowadays, not having a vehicle is not a problem anymore. By visiting this website, you can rent a car from the owner and be a taxi driver yourself.

Driving a car for many hours requires concentration, quick reaction and thinking about your and others’ safety. It is a responsible task to drive others and be responsible for their comfort and life. How many times you have to spend in traffic jams, travel hundreds if not thousands of kilometers, drive when it’s hot and when it’s cold. It is worth doing everything to make this time more pleasant.

Every professional driver uses or dreams of several gadgets. And admittedly, most of those tools can be useful to anyone who drives a car. In this article, you will find a list of devices that will improve every taxi driver’s trip.

Taking care of your safety

Good technical condition of the vehicle, timely inspection in the workshop, adjusted tire pressure – all this comes to mind when we talk about road safety. However, it’s always important to start with yourself. A rested, and a sober driver is the most significant guarantee of safe driving. It is worth having a breathalyzer so that you can always make sure that you are able to sit behind the wheel. It is crucial to choose a device with an electrochemical sensor. Semiconductor breathalyzers – unlike electrochemical ones – have very low accuracy, moderate stability and durability. Some electrochemical breathalyzers have their accuracy similar to professional devices.

Second pair of eyes

Sometimes, after a car accident, the fault is determined by the details. What if we don’t have credible witnesses to the unpleasant incident in which we participated? The other participant in the accident will often disagree with us. Then word against word is not enough. An always watching video records from the dash camera will be useful. The cheapest models, unfortunately, do not guarantee that the car’s license plates will be legible enough – however, there should be no problem with the general picture. However, mid-priced models can be excellent in this respect. It is worth buying a model, which if necessary, can be expanded with a separate GPS module and rear camera.

Education and entertainment while driving

Many hours behind the wheel can get tiring, and sometimes it’s good to listen to something other than the radio. That is why audiobooks are great companions of distant routes. You can also listen to various podcasts, expand your knowledge and learn more about topics that interest you.

There are many possibilities. You can listen to books but also learn languages and gradually start listening to podcasts in a foreign language to get used to it more. Absorbing the audio versions of your favorite books will give you the feeling that the time spent in the car is productive. You no longer have to postpone reading your favorite authors’ books. You can listen to them along the way. It means you are going to “read” even a dozen or so of additional books during the year!

Electronics for the car

Most of the relatively new cars are already equipped with a Bluetooth module, which allows you to make phone calls while driving. A separate speakerphone is something that may be useful to owners of older cars. A right choice is a set that can be transferred from car to car, and no workshop assembly is required.

Another device that will be useful for longer journeys is a car power bank. The device is equipped with lithium-ion cells that store electricity. They can be used to recharge the phone, but also to start the car in an emergency, during which the battery fell. Gasoline engines with a capacity of 1.5 l can be started with a pocket power bank with 6000 mAh batteries. Note that the larger the engine in the car, the larger the power bank is needed. Large capacity of the cells will also be useful if you intend to power a portable computer with your power bank.


Long hours spent behind the wheel make taxi drivers want to improve their trip with useful gadgets. There are many devices on the market that should become the basic equipment for every driver. In the above list, we have included things that are helpful in long routes. Not everyone, but a lot of drivers would say that increasing the comfort of travel is crucial. But there is one thing that no one has any doubts about – improving road safety for all road users. Gadgets designed for this purpose will always be the most popular.


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