Top 5 affordable UK Motorhomes for you to hit the road

Recreational vehicles and houses on wheels have been gaining traction recently, with people wanting to enjoy a minimalist lifestyle, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city life. Many have sworn by living on the road as the most stress-free way of living. People on YouTube are making a living off of vlogging about their life in a motorhome!

These vehicles are also a great, cost-effective way to go on UK vacation, especially in 2020, where we can’t really count on air travel and accommodation services as much as we used to.

Whether you’re planning to move off the grid or go on an adventurous family getaway, check out these motorhomes below to see what will give you the best bang for your buck! For your convenience, they’re sorted by price – you’ll find the more expensive models towards the end of this text. Of course you can try off road vehicles like Toyota RAV4 EDGE or Subaru Outback 2.5i Premium AWD SUV, but taking a long family trip with a motorhome is much more comfortable.

Burstner 850 (1993)

This is one of the classic models you might have seen in 90s movies, or you might have had a chance to stay in one in the past. It’s equipped with everything you could possibly need to survive, including a shower, quite spacious kitchen and a well-lit living area.

Naturally, due to its age, the good old Burstner is not the most ferocious and technologically advanced RV anymore. It will, however, definitely provide the best value for money in its price range. If you’re looking for a motorhome to take on vacations and spontaneous weekend getaways, it might just be the right choice for you.

IH Motorhomes Tio R (2007)

Not to say that you’d ever end up in such circumstances, but if you ever found yourself on the run, you should go ahead and consider buying the Tio R. It combines comfortable living space with enhanced mobility.

Its sleek aerodynamic build will ensure that you retain control over your vehicle even in the most dire conditions and on the most difficult roads. It may not seem that sizable on the outside, but thanks to some creative interior design solutions, it makes for a very comfortable living arrangement. The kitchen may be very tight, but it’s got everything from a sink to a four-burner gas hob to cook. The bathroom is located across from the kitchen, and it comes fully equipped with a shower, toilet and a sink.

With a comfortable living space and how easily it drives, the IH Motorhomes Tio R might just be the best option on the market within the £30,000 price range.

Auto-trail Savannah (2015)

 If you value comfort and accessibility, Auto-trail Savannah will provide you with all of that and more. On the outside, it retains a classic, old school RV look, paying homage to the classics, such as the already mentioned Burstner 850.

Just like with people though, in case of the Savannah it’s what’s on the inside that matters more. Upon entering the vehicle, the striking first impression is the clever use of limited space in order to get the most out of it. The living space is cleverly designed in order to provide as much sitting space as possible. The driver and passenger seats at the front rotate to the back, making for quite neat “armchairs”, matching the general style of the vehicle’s interior.

Given the price range (£50,000), it should come as no surprise that the Auto-trail Savannah comes equipped with everything you could possibly need in your day to day activities. The kitchen is absolutely decked out, with a microwave and a full-size oven accompanying the four burner gas hob. Combined with a sizable eating area, you might just be able to host a tiny dinner party there!

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Hymer Exsis i588 (2018)

 On the inside, the Exsis i588 seems to offer little more than the Auto-trail Savannah at a rather inflated price. The devil, however, lies in the details. If you’re really insistent on having loads of storage space, you should definitely consider the Hymer over any other RV at this price range. It comes with a large, rear-side garage-type storage space, which should more than meet all of your needs in that department.

The storage area comes at a cost, though, which is borne by the living area. While cleverly rearranged, to stay compact while retaining its usability, the kitchen and eating space are quite small, much less spacious when compared to the Savannah.

Niesmann & Bischoff Arto 88F (2018)

This recreational vehicle is only for those who are dead-set on transitioning into the mobile lifestyle and are planning to stick with it for a while. With a price tag of well over £100,000, it may be unattainable for those looking to only use it as a vacation home.

From the outside, it looks more like a musician’s tour bus than a motorhome and retains all of the rockstar luxuries on the inside. A large, separated sleeping area with a flat screen TV and a proper shower cabin can is reminiscent of a good hotel room. The kitchen has plenty of room to walk around in and is equipped with all of the necessary amenities, including a dishwasher! The living space looks comfortable and fancy, with leather padded couches and chairs being a very nice touch as well.

Written by Maciej Grzymkowski

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